Severe weather caused $2.4 Billion in insured damage in 2020 – an increase from $1.4 Billion from 2019, this is according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). Flooding is consistently the most costly type of large scale catastrophes every year. A lot of people have experienced water in their homes at some point and it is never an enjoyable experience and comes with a lot of inconvenience.

    We are going to use the month of May to share a couple blurbs and resources about Emergency Preparedness and being ready for anything. At the end of the month, we will do a draw for an Emergency Preparedness Kit from the Red Cross. More Contest Details at the end of the post on our facebook page.

    It is key to know your disaster risks, for Ontario those are

    • Flooding
    • Severe storms
    • Forest fires
    • Transportation accidents
    • Act of terrorism

    Make A Plan

    • Consider the plan for if you are with your family and if you are apart
    • Can think of neighbours who may be more vulnerable to ensure they are taken care of
    • Develop a household plan – know exits, evacuation paths and meeting places
    • Make copies of important documents and list of key contacts (Doctor, home security, insurance, etc)
    • Ensure workplace(s) and children’s school and/or daycare have appropriate emergency policies
    • Have a plan for pets
    • Have extra consideration for special health needs
    • Make sure all your smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers are working and the first aid kit is well stocked
    • Know your water valve location, electrical panel location, gas valve location, floor drain location

    Have an Emergency Kit

    • Water
    • Food that won’t spoil
    • Manual can opener
    • Wind up or battery powered flashlight (with extra batteries)
    • Wind up or battery powered radio (with extra batteries)
    • First aid kit
    • Extra keys
    • Cash, travellers cheques and change
    • Important family documents
    • Emergency plan

    Extra items to consider: extra water, candles, matches, change of clothes and shoes, sleeping bag/warm blankets, toiletries, hand sanitizer, utensils, garbage bags, toilet paper, water purifying tablets, basic tools, whistle and duct tape.

    Tune in next time to learn more about how insurance can help in situations from natural disaster to basement flooding.

    Contest Details:

    Interacting with this post on our Facebook page through a Like or Comment gives you an entry into the draw for a Canadian Red Cross Basic Disaster Preparedness Kit. Contest will close on May 31, 2021. Winner to be randomly drawn.



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