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    Cambridge, ON: Collectivfide Insurance Group Inc. is pleased to announce the newest acquisition of R.E. Miner Insurance Brokers Limited into the Collectivfide Network. The 50-year-old brokerage in Comber, Ontario, marks Collectivfide’s tenth overall acquisition.

    Collectivfide Insurance Group Inc. provides competitive advantages for locally owned insurance brokers by supporting brokerages in all facets of their operations, including underwriting, finance, human resources, data, technology, and marketing, while letting their broker partners maintain their name and autonomy. Several mutual insurance companies throughout Ontario and Canada founded Collectivfide in 2019.

    R.E. Miner Insurance Brokers Limited is a full-service, independent brokerage serving the Comber area since 1970, providing home, auto, farm and commercial services. Their strong roots in the community and commitment and involvement to the Comber area were crucial points that aligned this partnership so well with both Collectivfide Insurance Group and R.E. Miner Insurance Limited. The staff at the brokerage have been involved in many local organizations, including Comber Minor Baseball, Friends of Greater Comber, the Comber Fair, Tilbury Storm Soccer and the Tilbury Minor Hockey Club.

    When asked what this acquisition means to the organization, Tony Ngo, President and CEO of Collectivfide Insurance Group, said, “R.E. Miner is another great example of passing on family legacy and values from generation to generation and ensuring our rural brokerages continue to thrive in their communities. These family values align with those of Collectivfide and our Mutual partners, which made this a perfect fit for us.”

    Acquisitions and organic growth remain key to Collectivfide Insurance Group’s long-term growth strategy while further aligning itself with other like-minded broker partners.

    “I purposefully chose Collectivfide as I am a firm supporter of the Mutual model and their values. Collectivfide allows the brokerages they invest in to continue operating as they are with the same name, same location, and same staff. I can continue working until I’m ready to retire and know that when I do, my staff and clients will be well taken care of in the way they are used to,” says Jill Miner, Principal Broker of R.E. Miner Insurance Brokers Limited.

    R.E Miner Insurance Brokers Limited has served the Comber community since its origin in 1970 by the founders, Ruth E. Miner, and the late Robert E. Miner. Their daughter, Jill, joined the business in 1981, along with two additional employees in 1993. Jill eventually took over ownership of the brokerage from her parents and wanted to ensure that their legacy would continue in the community. Collectivfide Insurance Group was that partner to ensure that would be the case.

    With this latest acquisition, Collectivfide Insurance Group Inc. has ten broker partners and sixteen office locations across Ontario since its inception in 2019.

    About Collectivfide Insurance Group Inc.

    Formed in 2019, Collectivfide’s shareholders represent mutual insurance companies in Ontario and across Canada with more than a century-and-a-half of experience to draw upon. The company is committed to protecting the independent broker distribution channel. By working alongside broker partners, Collectivfide supports brokerages with all facets of their operations to help them focus on serving and building relationships with members of the communities they serve. At Collectivfide, we operate under the principle that mutual insurers and their broker partners are stronger when they work together.

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